With an objective to create awareness about fire safety and the usage of fire extinguishing equipment, a Fire Safety Awareness Programme was conducted at our Bankura- Purulia Project on Jan 15, 2016. The programme aimed at making all the employees, labourers and local people in the vicinity mindful about fire hazards and the safety measures which can be taken during fire emergency.

In the programme we educated several types of materials which cause fire and how that fire can be ceased. Giving examples of fire emerged due to petrol and LPG. We also discussed the scientific reasons behind why some things catch fire quickly, while some items are the last to burn, like bricks.

We also conducted a mock drill and gave a demonstration of how fire extinguishers can be used to cease a fire caused due to petrol and diesel.



Conducted HIV Awareness Programme in coordination with Department of Health & Family welfare office of the C.M.O.H, subdivision II, Dist. Bankura to create awareness about HIV AIDS and the main objective of this programme is to reduce the number of new infections among Labourers and local people in the vicinity.

The aim of the HIV/AIDS Awareness Programme is to empower and increase the awareness among the workers and participants of HIV/AIDS, its impact, management and availability of support systems. This is to encourage early testing and lifestyle changes that will thereby reduce and prevent further infection.

Other strategies have been shown to effectively encourage people to adopt and maintain risk reduction strategies including condom use, adherence to HIV treatment, and sterile injection practices.



Conducted comprehensive road safety awareness programme along with local police of Bankura among school children’s and local people in the vicinity. In this project, students were sensitised and educated about road safety, safe behaviour and traffic rules. Interactive discussions were organised with school children regarding traffic rules, safety practices and causes of road accidents. The project has been widely appreciated by local media and Government authorities for raising awareness on road safety.



All over the world, 5th June is celebrated as the World Environment Day. On the occasion of World Environment Day, we organized a tree plantation drive at our Bankura-Purulia project where they planted trees and made a sincere effort in making earth a better place for the future generation.